Galicia USDA organic apple Juice in glass bottle



Galicia organic apple juices are made from the best selected fruits who are grown on ecological clean fertile grounds.

Galicia juices are produced with direct extraction technology, what involves a minimum processing. An freshly pressed Galicia juice undergoes a carefully controlled thermal process (pasteurization) which gives physical conservation that waythis gives a longer shelf-life.
It allows the preservation of the best properties of the fruits, keeps the real natural taste, aroma and color of the juices.

The sugars in the Juices from Galicia are natural present and not added. Also Galicia Juices are without extra added water, preservatives, colorants and flavoring. This means that you can taste the natural full rich flavors / taste from the Galicia juices..



The first organic juice from Galicia have a special taste with a bit of sourness making it brighter and lighter, just like homemade apple juice. Product quality is proved by EU Organic and USDA Organic international certificates, with pure and natural nutrients filling your body with vital energy.
The loveley and rich flavor of fresh apple makes this juice perfect to quench your thirst. Thanks to the balanced composition of useful substances, the presence of pectin, organic acids and antioxidants, apple juice is recommended to a wide range of adults and children. This popular and drink improves digestion, promotes the body’s resistance to diseases and adds vitality.
Ingredients: organic apple juice 100%.
Nutrition facts per 100 g: protein 0.5 g, carbohydrate 9.1 g.Dietary
minerals (mg): Na 6, K 120, Ca 7, Mg 4, P 7, Fe 0.3.Energy per 100 g: 38 kcal /160 kJ.