Galicia carrot apricot smoothie in glass bottles 0,30L


This Ultra premium smoothie is a drink that can easily help to quickly quench your thirst and satisfy your light hunger.
An interesting mix of ripe apricots, carrots, bananas and apples creates a special drink that reminds us of our carefree childhood. The delicious taste of this smoothie and the undeniable benefits of all its ingredients make it an excellent addition to any dessert or a full substitute for our lunch.NL Voedingswaarde per 100 ml/ FR Information nutritionnelle par 100 ml                        Energetische waarde / Valeur énergétique
159 kJ / 38 kcalVetten / Matières grasses

waarvan verzadigd / dont saturées

Koolhydraten / Hydrates de carbone

waarvan suikers / dont sucres

Voedingsvezels / Fibres Alimentaires

Eiwitten / Protéines

Zout / Sel


0,30LWe preserve all the most valuable things from nature to provide our customers with natural authentical taste and high-quality products. Creating our juices we follow the main principle: compliance with quality standards at all stages. In particular, we thoroughly select only the best apples and berries grown in ecologically clean regions.

The natural high-quality Galicia Smoothies are produced under the special technology of direct extraction , without adding water, sugar, preservatives, colorants and flavorings. This means that fruit and berries undergo minimal processing: juice is squeezed from fruit and then it passes through instant thermal conditioning and is poured into bottles or packages. They taste the best if chilled but can bestored till max +25 graden Celcius

These wonderfull Smoothies are imported and ditributed by Shellton Food Products.
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