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Shellton Food Products BV privately owned importing / exporting / food company that offers a wide range of food products in the categories dairy, meat, seafood and drinks. From freshly produced to frozen, delivered in various logistical / concepts direct to our clients, wherever they are..

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Dairy Products

The dairy products from Shellton Food Products and  her partners who we daily deliver to the customers are enjoyed every day by a lot of our modern consumers, such as hard, soft, Blue cheese, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Granpandano, yogurts which are produced by people hoe has a long family tradition / passion of making dairy products. The dairy product are made from the best ingredients

Beverages & Juices

More and more consumers are becoming aware of them lifestyle and health.
These consumers want food products that can contribute to their future health.

Shellton Food Products has made it her mission to make these products accessible to a big public
by selecting food products that  can contribute to them demands & wishes..

Seafood & Meat Products

Shellton Food products offers a wide range of Seafood & Meat products from freshly
delivered or fresh shock frozen in prepacked bulk or consumer packaging up to industrial packaging, direct or in groupage from the production plant to our customers.

We chose for you the highest quality products transported from Europe in the best conditions and in the shortest time, stored and labeled according to European Community / local rules.

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